2011, Stony Hill White Riesling Price: 236,00 DKK
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Our 2011 Riesling is a little more Germanic in character than usual. A cool summer and early rain in 2011 have given us a more rounded wine, pale straw in color, with appealing aromas and flavors of dried fruit, honey, and apricots. There's also a spicy note of cloves which piqued our interest. This Riesling is a touch earthier with a slightly heavier body than other vintages. It is not sweet, with less than one percent residual sugar, and will definitely develop into a rich wine in a couple of years.
Varietal: 100% White Riesling
Age of Vines: 22 - 63 years old
Grapes: Grown, produced, & bottled at Stony Hill Vineyard
Barrel Aging: 6 months in Stainless Steel
Total Acidity: .69
Residual Sugar: .75%
Alcohol: 12%
pH: 3.35
Bottling Date: March 22, 2012
Release Date: September 2012
Aging Potential: 5+ years
Cases Produced: 330 cases
2011, Stony Hill Chardonnay Price: 350,00 DKK
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Winemaker Mike Chelini says he wants people to “taste the vineyard” when they take a sip of Stony Hill Chardonnay. And sure enough, your first taste of the 2011 vintage is of very young, pure Char- donnay fruit with distinctive notes of apple and citrus and a hint of the Spring Mountain soil layered in. You are also aware of its hallmark crisp acidity, which we think gives the wine structure and the ability to age and develop richness over time. What we find truly unique about this vintage is the wine's ability to retain its crispness while presenting a slight creaminess on the palate. We've been amazed that the 2011 vintage, even though from a difficult year with May rain and a cool summer, has proved to be a quintessential Stony Hill Chardonnay.
2012, Stony Hill Chardonnay Price: 420,00 DKK
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This is the Chardonnay we strive for year after year. 2012 gave us an absolutely perfect growing sea- son with no rain during May fruit set, consistent warm days with no hot spells through the summer and a dry, sunny harvest in September. The resulting wine is pale straw in color with bright, fresh aromas of pears and apples and a hint of lemon zest. In the mouth you’ll taste the flavors of pure Chardonnay fruit and a distinctive minerality coming from our stony vineyards. All in all, it’s a classically pure Chardonnay with a low alcohol level of 13%. We couldn’t be happier with the prospect of this fresh, fruity Chardonnay gradually mellowing into a richly integrated wine over the next five or more years.
2013, Stony Hill Chardonnay Price: 420,00 DKK
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Our 2013 Chardonnay crop didn’t equal the big 2012 vintage in size, but the quality of the grapes thrilled us. As always, the wine is pale straw in color and offers a big bouquet of green apples and a graceful hint of citrus. On the palate we detect the same fruit flavors of citrus and green apple with the added touch of earthiness, a chalky minerality from our stony soils, which we call a wet stone quality. We also like the mouthfeel, a combination of crisp acidity which gives it bounce and a slightly forward richness for balance. We think you’ll like this wine, and all the evidence points to a long life ahead.
2012, Stony Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Price: 500,00 DKK
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In 2004, we planted five acres of our highest vineyard, known as the Top Block, to Cabernet Sauvignon. We chose to employ the same dry farming methods and lean winemaking style that we use for our white wines. We believe this brings out the very best expression of Stony Hill’s terroir. The grapes are allowed to mature to their optimum ripeness, meaning a perfect balance of flavor, pH, total acidity and brix. The alcohol is kept under 14% and new oak is used only sparingly. 
While Stony Hill Cabernet Sauvignon has only been in production for a few years, it has gained considerable attention for both its elegant, austere style and incredibly long aging potential.
2015, Stony Hill Semollion de Soleil 0,375 ml Price: 300,00 DKK
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We began making this wine in 1972 in the Italian “passito” or straw wine style. We pick the grapes at 25 degrees Brix, dry them in the sun to concentrate the sugar, and then crush at about 30 degrees Brix. The result is a beautifully balanced dessert wine with approximately 13% alcohol, an average of 7% residual sugar and good acidity.
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