2018 POP300 White Wine Price: 350,00 DKK
 I can tell you that Chardonnay plays the biggest role in this white blend, with additions of Marsanne, Rousanne, Viognier and Grenache Blanc for added aromatic complexity.
The wine opens with a soft aromatics of lemon pith and honeysuckle, which leads a palate that is at first creamy and mouth-coating, but finishes with a surprising bolt of acidity!
It is perfect with a sharp chill, but only shows more complexity as the wine opens up and warms in your glass.
Beyond how delicious this wine is, what I really love is the fact that Luke has created a blend dictated by what is already flourishing in Oakville.
He has found a way to celebrate the small white grape population from Oakville in this tiny-production wine by working with nature rather than against it.  
It’s exciting, it’s new, it’s special, it’s what the future of winemaking will be all about - experimenting with new sites and nontraditional blends that will change how we all drink and enjoy!  
2018, POP300 Rose on Pinot Noir, To Kalon Vineyard Price: 350,00 DKK
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Nok den mest sjældne rose der kommer fra USA.

To Kalon som er en legendarisk vinmak beliggende i Napas Oakville AVA som er Cabernet Sauvignon land ligger der en lille mark der er plantet med Pinot Noir og derfra kommer POP300 som har taget sit navn efter byskiltet.

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